Our ambition is to design a zero waste interior.

In my interior designs I always use old materials or materials retrieved from existing buildings that were up for the sledgehammer.

If the design is good it wil last a life time, but in the unfortunate event of having to change the purpose of the object. It is possible to redefine its purpose and does not need to be tossed out.






is the result of a collaboration with FIX greenbuilding ,it is a zero waste furniture line made from CLT saw residues and reclaimed textiles.

We repurpose and celebrate the mass of this waste material by making extremely durable, solid wood furniture.

This circular furniture stores Co2 and prevents precious materials from going into the waste cycle.

Chunky by FIX is resilient. Like a vintage pair of jeans or an old suitcase, a stain, scars, stitches and patches cause unexpected collisions, giving all pieces a unique patina and identity.

This makes Chunky by FIX excellent for use in public spaces, offices and homes, both indoor as well as outdoors.

CHUNKY by FIX is an opportunity to make your interior work with the environment.