Educational program

studio abuse is committed to help raising awareness of a more sustainable approach of life ,we want to share this with everyone who wants to hear about it.

Not only by making sustainable products, but better yet teaching you how to make your own. We can show that it is fun and quite easy to start living more sustainable and pimping or transforming your old stuff.

studio abuse can do this in several ways:

We can come and tell you all about why and how to do this.

Or we can show you how and go out and try by doing.

We are all about inclusivity so we want to spread the word and skill all over the globe.

Just to name a view examples:

Lecturing fashionistas about the fashion revolution.

learning about a zero waste interior. Or a sewing course, experimenting with children on schools in primary and secondary schools.

Currently we are developing a fun education program for (small) children. Where Ab + Joes wil take them on adventures in their circulair world.

More will become clear about this during 2022.

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